tempered glass screen protector

The tempered glass screen protector is one of the most popular mobile accessories on the market. It provides a tough layer of protection to your device’s screen while also being comfortable to hold and use. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a tempered glass screen protector:

Advantages Over Plastic Screen Guard

The first and most obvious benefit to using a tempered glass screen protector is that it’s a lot thicker than a plastic screen protector. This means that it can absorb the impact of a direct drop or collision with a hard surface, such as a desk. It can also help to protect your screen from scratches that may come from sharp objects or metals, such as coins.

You can also find tempered glass screen protectors with an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints from forming on your smartphone’s screen. This makes it much easier to wipe away smudges and oils without having to worry about ruining your screen.

More Comfortable to Handle

Tempered glass screen protectors are more pleasant to touch than plastic screens, which is another reason why they are more widely used. This is because they are less likely to cause irritation to your hands and fingers.

They’re also easier to install than a plastic screen protector, and they don’t leave any bubbles behind once they’ve been removed. This makes them easy to remove when you want to swap your screen for a different model.

Looks Better Than Plastic

A tempered glass screen protector is a lot more sleek and modish than the plastic ones, so it looks better on your phone. It’s also a lot harder to crack or break than a plastic screen protector, so you’re not as likely to have a bad experience if it does happen.

The tempered glass also offers full-coverage to the surface of your screen, unlike the plastic ones. This means that it’s not only more resistant to scratching, but it also keeps your device looking like new for longer.

In addition to being more durable and strong, tempered glass screen protectors are also easier to clean than plastic ones. The oleophobic coating helps to prevent smudges and oil from building up on your screen, so you’ll be able to wipe them off without having to use any cleaning solutions.

You can even find tempered glass screen protectors that are specifically designed to fit certain devices, such as Samsung phones. These are often more expensive than plastic screen protectors, but they offer a great deal of protection for your device.

Despite their superior features, many people still choose to use plastic screen protectors. They’re a cheaper option that provides some level of protection for your phone’s screen, but they don’t have the durability or sensitivity of a tempered glass screen protector.

While plastic screen protectors can be a great option for people who don’t need as much impact protection as you might find with a tempered glass screen protector, they can be very difficult to install. They also tend to be a bit thinner than tempered glass, which means they don’t have as much resistance against scratches.